This page collects linguistics/science/academia-related blogs/podcasts that I regularly read/listen to (although to be honest I’m really more of a podcast person). I will be adding more to the list as they come to my mind.


  • All Things Linguistic: a daily blog about all things linguistic by Gretchen McCulloch
  • Babies Learning Language: a blog about language learning, child development, and fatherhood; also covers topics related to experimental methods and open science
  • Career Linguist: information about job seeking for (young) linguists
  • Faculty of Language: a blog full of solid and interesting discussion about linguistics, moderated by Maryland Linguistics
  • Language: a Feminist Guide: a feminist blog about language, written by Deborah Cameron
  • Language Log: a blog run by University of Pennsylvania phonetician Mark Liberman, with multiple guest linguists
    • My article on Chinese Pinyin acronyms was mentioned in this post (October 2015)!
  • Language of the World: a blog exploring the rich diversity of human languages, written by Asya Pereltsvaig
  • LingAlert: a 24/7 deadline reminder for linguistics conferences……
  • Superlinguo: short and interesting posts about language and linguistics, written by Lauren Gawne
  • Talking Brains: news and views on the neural organization of language, moderated by Greg Hickok and David Poeppel


And if you are looking for “linguistics for fun“, well, there’s always The Great Language GameLinguistics LlamalolPhonology, and xkcd!