Current/recent projects:

Language Comprehension
  • Memory in the processing of anaphoric presuppositions (with E. Matthew Husband)
  • Processing tenses/lifetime effects in a superficially tenseless language
  • Comprehending and: the developmental path of English conjunction in child grammar (with Filipe Hisao Kobayashi)
  • Accommodating the presupposition of too
  • Zero as a degree quantifier: numerosity, intensification & negative polarity.
  • Reduplicated numerals and distributivity (with Filipe Hisao Kobayashi)
  • “Tenselessness” and the Future/Non-Future tenses in Chinese (with Nick Huang)
  • Wh-correlatives and wh-movement in Mandarin Chinese
  • Double topicalization
Others: Tonal Phonology, Computational Linguistics, NLP
  • Psycholinguistic approaches to language model evaluation (with Jennifer Hu and Roger Levy)
  • Tone sandhi and the tonal domain in Longyou Wu (with Michael Kenstowicz)
  • Tonal Near Merger: Computational Implementations of Examplar-based theories Using Bayesian Hierarchical Mixture Model (under Adam Albright‘s guidance)

For more details, check out Papers and Presentations.