I am currently working on a couple of things:

  • Numerals, quantification & intensification
  • negation and gradable adjectives
  • Correlatives in wh-in-situ languages: locality and quantificational variability
  • Reduplicated numerals and distributivity (with Filipe Hisao Kobayashi)
  • “Tenselessness” and the Future/Non-Future tenses in Chinese (with Nick Huang)
  • Tone sandhi patterns and the tonal domain in Longyou Wu
  • Resolving scope ambiguity: structural principles and QuD (with Martin Hackl)
  • Memory in the processing of anaphoric presuppositions (with E. Matthew Husband)
  • Acquisition of manner/result complementarity (with Anne C. Mills)


Some previous projects that I worked on:


Before moving to Boston, I completed an MPhil in General Linguistics at the University of Oxford, where I wrote my thesis on the processing of lifetime effects under the supervision of Dr E. Matthew Husband at the Language and Brain Lab.









For more details, check out Papers and Presentations.