Public Talks

I love talking about linguistic research to the general public (linguistics for everyone!). Here are some of the talks I’ve given in the past, with all slides available for personal use only. If you are interested in organising an event to promote language science, please feel free to drop me a line!


May 2017

On Friday 12th May  I gave a talk on “New Understanding of Temporal Interpretations in the Chinese Language” at Christ Church College, the University of Oxford. This event is part of the 2017 COSF Scholar Speaker Event. [slides] [YouTube]




March 2017

logoOn Friday 17th March I gave a talk on “As Time Goes by: Understanding Time in Language and Cognition” at Lincoln College, the University of Oxford. Kicking off with a demonstration of temporal interpretations in different languages, I showed how psycholinguistic techniques can be used to study the processing of temporal information. The talk closed with a short discussion about what our research informs us of Universal Grammar. This event is part of the Lincoln College The Lord Florey Talk Series. [slides]