LinguaMania is an event co-organised by the Ashmolean Museum and Creative Multilingualism, an Oxford-led research programme. The programme, running from 7-10.30 pm on Friday 27th January 2017,  is funded by the AHRC’s Open World Research Initiative and is led by the University of Oxford.

  • LinguaMania is a special late night opening to bring alive the museum’s multi-cultural world through the art and science of language.
  • The Language Landscape project was introduced to raise awareness for multilingualism, minority languages and linguistic diversity.
  • A great opportunity for linguists to engage with the general public. Let’s talk to everyone about what we (actually) do!
  • There was a multilingual reading of Harry Potter and The Philosopher’s Stone by J.K. Rowling. I was the reader for Wu Chinese.
  • I was involved in a record-a-thon to collect multilingual recordings from the visitors and add them to an interactive map of languages spoken during the event [my recording].
  • I also oversaw mini quizzes and activities designed to encourage visitors to explore the content already on the website and reflect on their own linguistic behaviours.