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Mercury – HKU Journal of Undergraduate Humanities is a student-run organization established in Faculty of Arts, the University of Hong Kong, that aims at publishing high-quality undergraduate research papers, critical reviews and creative writing. With the purpose of promoting academic achievement and scholarly excellence at undergraduate level, Mercury seeks to provide a platform where prospective young scholars in HKU can be encouraged and nourished.

Born with a team of HKU students from 16 different disciplines and 9 different countries/regions, Mercury has received full support from scholars within the Faculty of Arts and has been officially accredited by the Deans of the Faculty.

Currently, we are in partnership with some international leading academic publishers, including Taylor & Francis. We also organise annual Academic Writing Workshops in liaison with the University Library for undergraduate students in HKU.

Volume 1 Issue 1: Identity (published)



Volume 1 Issue 2: Crossroads (coming soon)

For more information, please check out our official website: Mercury