Writing & Translation

Before choosing a career path in academia, I was also (and still am) interested in publishing and translation. Here are some of my previous projects in these two fields:

  • Writing & Editing for The Oxford Student and MIT Grad Blog
  • Publishing Insights: a website that I have established to introduce the latest news and write short reviews about publishing industry around the world.
  • Mercury – HKU Journal of Undergraduate Humanities: an academic, peer-reviewed journal that I initiated in the Faculty of Arts, University of Hong Kong, where I served as the Editor in Chief for two years.
  • Design China: a website on “Design in China”, for which I have been contributing as a contact, writer, and translator.
  • Australian Innovation: an organisation that I worked for when I was an exchange student in Melbourne; my entrance into Australian publishing industry


I also have a (quirky) literary game: Quote Solitaire